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3 things you don't know about me!

As the world awaits on the presidential elections in the USA, women power rises strongly across the globe, and I prepare to launch my new Brand with uber excitement, collectively we all always hope for the best, right?

Staying positive, is certainly one of the characteristics you know about me! Under pressure, I tend to lose the smile for a few minutes and get sarcastic but still find the light at the end of the tunnel. Isn't that me, I'm pretty sure you agree. Now, this week at a branding workshop we were asked to reach out to our close friends for a word, a single word, that would describe us, and in my mind, in less than a minute I had a list of 30 people I could reach out to. So, surely, social, that's what I am, agree?

However, most of you would be surprised by 3 things I am positive you don't know about me. Here you go:

Adrenaline junkie, crybaby, and anti-makeup! YES, that's right! and they all go hand-in-hand.

Here's how: you know I love my practice, while I'm not your traditional team sports player though I am more of your self-practitioner on the mat, when it comes to flying, that's totally my thing! However, in the rush of adrenaline free falling, good news, appraisal, excitement or simply a good movie you will see tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. The excitement mixed with adrenaline has this effect of tears on me. Hence, no makeup needed when your emotions rule your fun and you need to descretely dry that tear with a quick wipe. It is so common for me to express emotions with tears of joy that even my family coins this "sentimientos" (Spanish for feelings) and no longer pass the napking but laugh instead. Unbelievable! So, here's a new side of me, getting personal with joy. At last we are all human, aren't we? No perfection nor imperfection in the mix, we simply are.

Leave a comment below if you sometimes also express joy with tears. I am sure tonight we will see some tears rolling down in the USA, but we collectively hope they'll be of joy for her!

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