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Doing good feels good, right?

Dare to do and give!

As far as I can remember, I have had a constant persona in my existence reminding me to dare, I guess he takes this as his life job and he's good at it. There has been moments were I just Did It and the feeling of satisfaction was so immense that all you could see was a pure smile in my face, but there were others where I ended up with a bruise and tears. In both circumstances the outcome was the same, I dared to step forward thanks to his encouraging words. I'm lucky, he has always been there for me.

Recently I had a moment to reflect on the meaning of daring, leading, and living happy. My conclusion on this thinking process is that these are all highly related, and here's why, when we dare to live a happy life most likely we're doing what we love and leading others by example. So, I continued my exploration in the quest of the missing piece, and not long ago I came across a brilliant interview that gave me the answer, the environment. Family is the very first ecosystem we recognise and gives us the sense of belonging. Later on we go about being part of others, so we always end up in an environment that we can value positive or negative. Certainly we all agree that a positive environment surrounded by positive people brings the best out to light to thrive, the negative do the complete opposite. Now, the challenge begins when we act as leaders, do we set the right environment for others? Do we give our very best to our environment without expecting something in exchange? Do we really care for others?

I believe the right mindset and environment sets us free to become daring human beings living a happy life. If we surround ourselves with happy people we shine by default. If we dare to do what we love, we give our 100% hands down. If we lead with the heart by example, we get the most in exchange. And, if we manage to control our environment, then certainly the world can be our playground. So, how do we achieve this? As my yoga teacher loves to say "practice makes perfect in everything you do", so I dare you to start now, practice to be your best. Dare to do what you love and do for others without expectation. As an outcome, it will only feel good! You'll feel good, you'll set your mind and soul free. #wearealmaslibres

In life, school, entrepreneurship or in business we lead, and we all have that one persona that gives the initial push that encourages us. Meet yours and be that persona to others. The one I described earlier is my older brother, and here's a link to his video (VPN needed for China) defeating gravity and showing me how to dare, in our own environments.

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