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Here we go Almas Libres.

If I would have read this in 2005, certainly I would have jumped on that wagon in a blink of an eye. I would have not known how to judge much back then but all I knew was that China was attractive to many, and I was attracted by it too. Fast forwarding a decade, man I wish I would have come across someone who could show me the way to making it in China. Definitely, I would have signed up!

In the Summer of 2015, sitting in amazing Medellin, Colombia, I saw myself sitting in a land with talent, high-end fashion and entrepreneurial spirit. I couldn't believe my eyes walking down the halls of shopping centres. I saw unique designs, unknown brands to me with exquisite taste in design and multi-brands curating with top fabrics. To be honest, I never thought shopping with my family in Colombia could be this much fun. End result, extra suitcase packed with shoes and clothes came back with me to Shanghai. However, the entrepreneur in me got awaken, again, and I decided to explore and dive deep in meeting the young talented creators Colombia offers today and researching on the cross-border transactions from Colombia in lingerie and swimwear. Thank God for Social Media, I was able to follow and meet many, and by doing so I coined Almas Libres. 

I am sure Spanish speakers resonate with Almas Libres, it can have multiple profound meanings, but this time it's not a rock band nor a spiritual retreat. Almas Libres is coming live to be the platform enabling young creators to reach foreign markets, and yes, we start by reaching the Chinese market. China has been my home and playground for doing business for the last decade, and I will dedicate to simplify the entry point for young creators by sales, training and network. In Spanish we also tend to refer to China as far lands, so Almas Libres comes to demonstrate China is not that far if you know how to make it here. And, we like to believe that as a talented community, together, we can. So, our curated catalogue is the vehicle how to make it, coming soon. How to craft, prepare, adapt, and reach Chinese consumers is what Almas Libres comes to show you with a tailored approach. 

Why this blog? it's intended to be a place to find tips, how-tos and experiences on entrepreneurship, travels and life. This is our first of many to come. We will share stories of our talented young creators and strolls in life, our very best to share with you. We want to hear from you!

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