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Your leadership Manifesto

leading with the heart

Recently, I was asked to draft my leadership Manifesto, and oh boy, what a tough task this was. After years building and leading teams I was quite positive this could come naturally, but on the contrary it gave hours of contemplation. Leading by example, leading by inspiration, leading by experience or simply leading to get the job done, where do I fit? Do you know where you fit?

I have been very lucky with team members, I've also been blessed by quality mentors and extraordinary friends. I can be categorised as selective because I believe in nurturing relationships, and this to me means giving time to each one in my circle when needed. I tend to focus on picking quality humans above skills written on a resume or references. Simply said, intuition prevails in my world. So, coming back to leadership, I like to believe leaders are philanthropic in heart, vision and action. And, I feel intuition and discipline must be developed and incorporated in one’s leadership.

Now that I stand in front of the door with the intention to lead a global community, I'd like to share my Manifesto, here it is for those out there who feel we resonate, I'd love to meet you!

As a leader I want to:

1) Think globally and act locally.

2) Be the change I seek to create.

3) Be bold and courageous to risk the known for the possible.

My quest? to transform these believes in daily practices. Any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment and let's have a conversation. I wonder, what's your leadership Manifesto, if you feel like sharing I look forward to yours. I encourage you to draft it in the event you haven't yet and keep it close to your mind and heart when your time comes to lead.

In a nutshell, I am Almas Libres, a free soul, this is what I believe. #wearealmaslibres

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